Rex Tillerson Apologizes To President Putin For Syria Attack
Created at 11 months 21 day 1 hour ago
US Backed Down To End Threat To US Pilots Certain Death From Russia’s S-400 Missiles.  Why Flight Safety...
Steve Bannon's ideological ties to Russia
Created at 11 months 20 days 11 hours ago
These days, having any sort of ties to Moscow is politically toxic in Washington. Recent reports indicate...
RAW + Daesh = Jundallah 2.0
Created at 11 months 19 days ago
10 Iranian border troops were killed in a shock attack allegedly carried out by Pakistani-based terrorists...
A real revolution for Macedonia!
Created at 11 months 19 days ago
Despite all the provocations, pressures, threats, and dirty tricks, Macedonia is continuing with courage...
The Neo Persian Empire
Created at 11 months 17 days ago
The strategic initiative on the complex Syrian battlefield seems to have swung in the favor of beleaguered...
The Itinerary of a German Geopolitician: Karl Haushofer
Created at 11 months 17 days ago
Haushofer was born in 1869 into a well established family in Bavarian territory. The archives remind us that...
The decline of the European Union
Created at 11 months 16 days ago
Europe is experiencing a period of great upheaval, given that the financial crisis is making even more...
A memorandum on security zones in Syria is agreed
Created at 11 months 15 days 7 hours ago
Russia, Iran and Turkey, which are guarantors of the peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict...
Geopolítica de la seguridad V: más allá de la política criminal y la criminología
Created at 11 months 14 days 14 hours ago
La teoría planteada por la geopolítica de la seguridad se refiere a la mejora de los indicadores de...
Две стратегии против Йемена
Created at 11 months 14 days 13 hours ago
Текущие события в Сирии и намеренное нагнетание обстановки размывает происходящее в других горячих точках...
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