Harun Yahya: Referendum Evaluation
Created at 11 months 22 days 7 hours ago
Photo Source: CNN On April 16, Turkey went to the polls for a referendum for an amendment to its...
Israel moves the state border of Syria
Created at 11 months 22 days 7 hours ago
Yesterday morning, the units of the Israeli Defense Forces, with the support of three tanks...
Steve Bannon's ideological ties to Russia
Created at 11 months 20 days 11 hours ago
These days, having any sort of ties to Moscow is politically toxic in Washington. Recent reports indicate...
RAW + Daesh = Jundallah 2.0
Created at 11 months 19 days ago
10 Iranian border troops were killed in a shock attack allegedly carried out by Pakistani-based terrorists...
The Neo Persian Empire
Created at 11 months 17 days ago
The strategic initiative on the complex Syrian battlefield seems to have swung in the favor of beleaguered...
The presidential debate in France: Le Pen VS Macron
Created at 11 months 15 days 7 hours ago
On the 3d May, at 21.00 (Paris time) the debates of the candidates for the presidency of France started. In...
Две стратегии против Йемена
Created at 11 months 14 days 13 hours ago
Текущие события в Сирии и намеренное нагнетание обстановки размывает происходящее в других горячих точках...
Two strategies against Yemen
Created at 11 months 13 days 23 hours ago
Current events in Syria and intentional escalation of the situation draw public attention from other hot spots...
Rise of Raeisi
Created at 11 months 13 days 23 hours ago
Mr. Raeisi’s sudden rise to presidential candidacy came as a surprise to many. A soft spoken man...
The name of Europe is Marine Le Pen
Created at 11 months 12 days 5 hours ago
Principles of electorial geopolitics I would like to say a few words concerning the first and the second...
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