How to sink HMS „United Kingdom”?

One of the key factors for understanding the UK's geopolitical situation is the perception of Britain as an important element the global military system of the United States and still as one of the financial capitals of the New (?) World Order. Only in such a context the Scottish issue, the problem of BREXIT, and almost already forgotten question of nuclear disarmament become more understandable. 

(Not) Forgotten PUGWASH experience

In the 1980s, Western peace and disarmament movements seemed to be a lasting element of public life, exerting limited influence over governments but maintaining significant social backdrops. The end of the Cold War, the end of the atomic rivalry between the West and East, and partial disarmament, however, pacified the pacifists. In addition, the natural inclination of these circles to democratic and secularist rhetoric made it difficult for some of them to take a consistent stand against the first "wars for peace and democracy" in the 1990s. Consequently, the anti-war voices were definitely too weak either during the assault on Yugoslavia nor during subsequent US imperial operations around the globe. But today, in the reality of the creeping World War III, we are witnesses of a revival and a consolidation of the anti-war opposition in the West, which, however, has to extend beyond the traditionally leftist-pacifist circles or quasi-hippy subcultures. Political goals can and should be achieved through political methods, so we are to recognise such political way as elections – as a possible solution of the one of the most important for peace in the world questions: the future of the British Nuclear deterrent system.

For last 15 months tens of thousands of English, Scots and Welsh have been protesting in the largest nuclear disarmament campaign for years - demanding from the Tory government to abandon its plans to modernize nuclear weapons for up to £100bn and replace the outdated but still dangerous TRIDENT. After a historical collapse of British Labour which has tried to come back to its root under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership – now the main powers interested in stopping War Hawks are the Scottish National Party (consistently anti-war and anti-imperialist and just after a historic victory in the local election 4 May 2017), and Plaid Cymru also increasing its position in Wales. Visiting Poles living in Scotland I have just met Scottish and Welsh standing at the doors of American-British military bases with one demand: YANKEE, GO AWAY WITH YOUR BOMBS!

(Scottish) children instead of bombs

The game of Holyrood may be more important in this match than everything what is happening about Westminster and Downing Street 10. That's because a key role for the UK's nuclear system, also important for US military dominance over the West is played by HMNB Clyde, the naval base at Faslane, on Gare Loch, on the west coast of Scotland. A year ago its blockade by the peace movement and the Scottish independence was a clear signal, confirmed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon - the free Alba will remove submarines with nuclear weapons from their territory and such a promise was given not only by the SNP, but also by equally patriotic local Greens. Independent Scotland also would not aspire to the NATO membership. That is why the propaganda to stop the Scottish independence was both intense and at the same time so very simple. Torres and UK government try to scare Scots by the economical effects of further devolution and of course independence but for the truth – it is one main reason why London can not agree with loosing the North. It's not a memory of the old Empire. That's modern and specific interest of the one and that's why these military issues seem to be the most difficult in a velvet divorce with the English (and the Americans behind them). Independent Scotland means the fall of the UK, and another step in breaking the American chains all over the World (apart from the TRIDENT system - the Islands are also one of the most important center of the ECHELON network). As Polish I look at the anti-war rituals of Trafalgar Square and the Faslane blockade from the perspective of a state with a suicide policy, without its own airplanes for air combat on the Baltic Sea and demanding an escalation rather than a reduction of the military threat to Poland. When political Warsaw dreams for at least a few substitutes of permanent US military bases, and for deploying missile and nuclear weapons systems in Poland - America's largest land-based aircraft carrier, moored off the coast of Europe, "HMS United Kingdom" - could be disarmed or even sunk. And for everyone, including Englishmen, Scots, Welsh and Poles, it will be safer.

Back to the roots of Europe

But of course it is not only military task. Just a few days ago I was in a Scottish college. Youth as youth used to be - adorable, silly, with duration of focusing as small cats. However, when the tutor on the margin of other considerations, suddenly thrown into space: "If we are independent, then speaking English - we will speak in a foreign language?" And at that moment, all these mindless chewing babies jumped up and shouted: "But we do not speak English, we speak Scottish!" And they yelled with a sudden, Doric accent, which they had been rid of over the years of school and watching the BBC. And that is why this is a living nation, as opposed to those whose young learn only the eternal mockery of assuming questions like "What is this homeland ?! And what is patriotism ?!". Of course these Scottish children do not know as well, but their reactions are good. Probably quite similar instincts we can observe but in the minorities of the young Poles or Russians but in our countries we also have false answers as primitive ethnic nationalism. Scots although they are a small nation there is more natural, original identity without modern national outgrowths. When we compare Scots e.g. with Baltic nations – we can find how untrue is an argument that chauvinism is unavoidable  condition of a small nations identity. Scots have their own national idea, at the same integral and completely open, devoid of chauvinism or intolerance.

That's why it is also so important to help them not only to liberate from the UK/American oppression but also to become a full member and to realize as a part of common Europe. Scotland is just an example, the one who is going forward. For years it has been racing who will be the first – independent Scotland or free Catalonia. Of course now EU only pursues American policy in this part of the World and Brussels tries to carry out its own experiment: creation of new political European nation made up of elites of present member states with all others as a Proles. The real hope for resistance against such an operation is not only the defense of the old nations, what we can see in France and even in England – but also the retrieval of even older, tribal European identity. And what is more and archetypal traditional than Scotland?

Last step

Scottish National Party won council election 4 May 2017 and proofed that is strongest political power in Scotland. But this election has one more important effect. We are witnesses probably irreversible polarization on the local political scene. The Labour Party suffered losses almost everywhere in the UK (320 seat lost) but in Scotland it was real disaster. And it is not only the question that it's the end of the legendary Red Clydeside and now the SNP is the biggest party in the Glasgow Council. It is always the same method – both, Scottish nationalists and Tories want to make the choice clear and to force unconvinced and hesitating. Reborn of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party and the election success of the Tory  Government means that there is no hope for farther devolution of Scotland so paradoxically – both results of the last and nearest (8 June 2017) elections just bring us closer to the founding of a new state /rebuilding one of the oldest in the map of Europe.

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