By freeing Ramush Haradinay, France and EU openly stand on the side of terrorism and criminal

French court in Colmar refused to extradict to Serbia Ramush Haradinay, war criminal, terrorist, narco-dealer, mercenary nad a pawn of Anglo-American occupation of Serbian Southern province of Kosovo and Metohija. France, as being one of the pillars of EU, which declaratively supports the rule of law, has just broken any legal norm and the rule of law.

In order for the circus to be complete, Court from Colmar stated: French General Attorney has right to appeal withing five days, although Haradinay was set free and has no obligation to be at the disposal to the French authorities. French Court also says that he would not like to be extradited.

Haradinay was cheered by the crowd of Albanians in front of the Court where he proudly stated that he hopes to be in “Kosovo” soon. He laso said that his release is “Albanian victory in Serbia”.

Impotent quisling Serbian government, headed by Anglo-American servant and executioner of Anglo-American entirely deranged EU, USA and UK organized futile press conference to replace its obvious impotence by powerful logoreia. Diplomatic protest note handed to France and call on Russia in the moments of despair is one more proof of impotence of Serbian authorities.

Haradinay's staged arrest in January in France (as it looks like to be, more and more) was only dust in the eyes to Serbia, while there is forming of illegal Albanian army in occupied Serbian Southern province of Kosovo and Metohija, which is based on Albanian criminal terrorist organization UÇK and trained by NATO and EU states army experts. UÇK is well known by criminal activities, narco-deačing, human organs dealing, abductions, killing of Serbs, non-loyal Albanians and non-Albanian people, assassinations, etc. It is also more clear that fake arrest was a help to Serbian PM and future president to get votes in elections – which is now obvious fraud.



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