Israel moves the state border of Syria

Yesterday morning, the units of the Israeli Defense Forces, with the support of three tanks, crossed the border of Syria and invaded the territory of the province of Quneitra. This incident occurred in the area of the village of Koudne, where the armored vehicles of the IDF entered.

Opposition activists reported that the Israeli military moved 700 meters into the Syrian territory of the state border and began to build a new frontier fence, as well as a control and tracking strip.

This area was conquered by Israel last year and now, apparently, "under the slyness" of the civil war, Tel Aviv intends to annex it, as happened with the Golan Heights.
Recently, the Israeli army has been increasingly interfering in Syria's internal affairs, arguing that this is an Iran-backed opposition to the Hezbollah movement, which, along with government forces, is fighting militants of the "Islamic state" and other jihadist groups. In this connection, air strikes against the bases and warehouses of this organization on the Syrian territory are often applied. The last such incident occurred last night. Air Force planes of Israel, not entering Syrian airspace, launched missiles at one of Hezbollah's facilities near the international airport of Damascus. As a result of the air raid, a strong fire broke out. Officials claim that no human casualties were recorded, material damage is being clarified.



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